Set a Rotating Picture of the Earth as Your Wallpaper in KDE / Kubuntu

I saw this neat little write-up on how to set up an automatically updating live image of the earth as your wallpaper in Ubuntu. Since I  run Kubuntu, I wanted to share how to get this done in KDE .

I am running 10.04 so all screen shots and instructions are based on that. I am however,  sure that this will work equally as well in 9.10 etc.

1) I had to install a task scheduler as one was not pre-installed on my build. Run this command in terminal

sudo aptitude install kcron

2) Open the  task scheduler

KDE Button > Applications > Settings > System Settings > Advanced Tab > Task Scheduler (bottom row)

3)We will now tell the machine which little piece of instructions it will run.

Click ‘New Task’ on the right hand side and in the command line enter the following

wget -r -N

*Step 3 & Step 4 screenshots combined and shown after Step 4.

4) Now we will actually schedule the task.

Make sure the ‘Enable this task’ and ‘Run every day’ radio buttons are checked. As suggested by the lifehacker post, I opted to have this image updated every 6 hours. So selected 0,6,12,18 for the hours and 0 for the minutes. It might be helpful for people to pick random hours and minutes to help balance the load on the image server. Select OK

5) Once back to the main Task Scheduler window, highlight the task and click ‘Run Now” on the right side panel.

6) Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘X’ out of the window. At this point the image has been downloaded to your machine and will be updated every six hours assuming your machine is up and connected the Internet.

7) Now we have to simply set the image as our wallpaper. Hide all windows and right-click on the desktop. Then select ‘Desktop Activity Settings’ from the context menu.

  • Under type select ‘Image’
  • Select the appropriate positioning for your resolution as compared to the 1600×887 size image.
  • Below the image list click ‘Open’
  • Paste the following into the address bar    ~/
  • Select 1600.JPG
  • Now select the 1600.jpg from the wallpaper list
  • Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’

8) Congrats you are DONE!

(Note each image seems to be around 150 kB). I am sure you can download other size images but this is that I chose for simplicity.

Thank you to Whitson Gordon and Lifehacker for the original idea!

Since I am a relative Linux beginner any suggestions and comments are VERY welcome.

I am doing some testing and I think I will be adding a secondary scheduled task to force update the wallpaper.

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