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Formatting Previously Partitioned SD cards with non-windows partitions in Windows

When I used to play around with my T-Mobile G1 (HTC DREAM),  the amazing hackers at XDA Developers worked around the storage limitations of the G1 by moving the apps to the SD card. However, this required you to partition your SD card. One partition was Fat32 (which windows recognizes), and the other was EXT3. […]

Idea for Hacker News Outbound links

Hacker News (HN) for me is a daily source for technical and start-up information, which I cherish. Aside from the articles themselves, I believe one of the main values of HN are the comments posted below the outbound link which provide me with even more insight and ideas. In fact, I would say the comments […]

Wedding Invitations Address Gathering Made Easy: Google Docs!

  I am writing this blog post to help many of my friends who are getting married soon and need help gathering the addresses and other details from their guests. This was not my idea but one of my close friend’s. However, he did not share this great idea with the world, and I figured […]

Root Cause Analysis of the Gulf Spill by BP

Found this through a linkedin Energy Group post and wanted to share it. Technical presentation by BP of the root cause analysis of their Gulf spill spill. (direct download from

Set a Rotating Picture of the Earth as Your Wallpaper in KDE / Kubuntu

I saw this neat little write-up on how to set up an automatically updating live image of the earth as your wallpaper in Ubuntu. Since I  run Kubuntu, I wanted to share how to get this done in KDE . I am running 10.04 so all screen shots and instructions are based on that. I […]